Blinde- und Sehbehinderte

Guided tours for the visually impaired


Research, discover and experience with all senses – this is the motto of the Archäopark Vogelherd. Our exhibition provides an experience that can be felt, heard and smelled. This gives blind and visually impaired people the possibility to get closer to the lifestyles of our ancestors from the Stone Age in a sensuous way. To address the needs of blind and visually impaired people, we have developed a special concept for our guided tours. Sensing, feeling, smelling and hearing are the focus. Our Archäo-Guides take a lot of time so that each participant has the time to experience the tour.


We are looking forward to your visit!


Admission with guide:


Group € 80,00

Plus entrance fee € 5,00
(Plus entrance fee € 5,00)

School class € 70,00

Plus entrance fee per student € 5,00

Pre-school and kindergarden € 60,00


One accompanying person + bus driver free


The group size for the experience modules and the maximum experience is a maximum of 25 people.
A binding pre-registration is necessary. In the event of cancellation or failure, an expense allowance will be charged.


Group registration:

Phone +49 7325 66 66



Note: If you would like to visit the Archäopark Vogelherd with blind or visually impaired persons on your own, you will find numerous possibilities to explore life in the Stone Age on your way. You’ll find fragrance and sound stations, skins, installations, animal bones, plants and animal trails along the shorter barrier-free tour. Don’t be shy – everything can be handled and used. You are perfectly equipped with our Audio-Guide. There, you will find further information as well as audio stories, which enrich your tour through the Park.