The foyer for stone-age




The Info Center

Designed in a semicircle and hidden under a grass rampart, the Info Center blends into the landscape. Only the entrance, as well as the access to the Parkcafé, offer an opening in this rampart. The entire front of the inner courtyard is glazed and offers an open view to the hill of Vogelherd from every position within the building.







Information Rotundas

Two rotundas inside the Info Center provide information in texts and pictures to the topic “time” on one hand, and to the topic “place” on the other hand. Be inspired by the wildlife and the climate of the Ice Age, or the origins and migrations of humans.



film-zugeschnittenFilm “The Formation of the Lone Valley”

By using atmospheric watercolor drawings of typical animals and later then humans, this film explains the geological history of southwestern Germany and particularly the Lone Valley starting with the formation of the Swabian Jura in the Jurassic Sea about 200 million years ago.



The Treasuryschatzkammer-zugeschnitten

Two original finds from Vogelherd Cave are exhibited there. Each one in a glass case, centrally located in the room so that they can be viewed from all sides. A film about the working process from the raw piece to the finished figure completes the experience.



The Auditoriumauditorium-zugeschnitten

On three seating levels, with an open view to the site, several devices with audio plays are embedded. You can dive in exciting and beautiful stories about the Ice Age and the Vogelherd Cave. You can bring your own headphones or purchase some at the information desk.




Architecture and scenography: Ritter Jockisch Architektur und Innenarchitektur, München.

Scenography and design: Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger, Bad Wörishofen.

Corporate design and exhibition graphics: Allmann Design, with Christine Bernard and Christine Schüll, München.

Scientific direction and content development: Prof. Nicholas Conard and Ewa Dutkiewicz M.A., Universität Tübingen.