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The Finds

A world famous cultural treasure

kleines mammut, grabung conard 2006_frei [iPhone]löwen-halbrelief, grabung conard 2006_frei [iPhone]The Vogelherd Cave has a rich assemblage of stone tools, ivory and antler tools. During the excavations, numerous jewelry objects and fragments of flutes were found, which are among the oldest in the world. The unique animal figurines from the Aurignacian are the oldest figurative artworks of humanity and impress with their aesthetics and craftsmanship. In 1931, Gustav Riek already found eleven of these figurines. Five more and numerous fragments were excavated during the backdirt excavations in 2005 to 2006 under the direction of Nicholas Conard.
40,000-year-old, extremely elaborately crafted works of art, which had no everyday practical function. Were they jewelry? A reverence for animals? Where they supposed to banish fears? Or did they symbolize community and group identity? The exact meaning of the figurines will probably remain a mystery. However, we can immediately recognize their beauty. You have the chance to admire two of the beautiful figurines in our Treasury – the small mammoth and a lion!

wildpferd, 1931_frei [iPhone]großes mammut, grabung riek 1931_frei [iPhone]fisch, grabung conard 2008_frei [iPhone]SchmuckVH_Binczik_schwarz [iPhone]