A guided tour with an archaeo-guide is a very special experience. You will explore the park in a personal and unique way. Our certified guides will show you the various materials and explain the backgrounds of Palaeolithic life. Depending on the topic you are interested in, you will learn, for example, how to hunt or how to make a fire in the Ice Age. You are welcome to try out these techniques yourself with the help of our guides.
Only certified archaeo-guides are allowed to give tours in our facility. All of them have undergone a comprehensive training and were tested in different topics in order to guarantee a high standard. The multi-week training includes a theoretical introduction to the topics: Basics of archeology and prehistory, methods of excavation and analyses, human evolution, Neanderthals and modern humans, Middle and Upper Paleolithic, lifestyles of Upper Paleolithic hunter-gatherer societies, Ice Age climate and environment, Aurignacian art and music, Vogelherd Cave and the other sites in the Swabian Jura. A practical part in the handling of the materials available in the park completed the training.
Our archaeo-guides are all well prepared to accompany your journey through the Archäopark Vogelherd. In addition to a rich general knowledge about the prehistory of our region, many guides have their own specialties they like to bring you closer. These include, for example, Ice Age music, Paleolithic weapons or diet in the Stone Age.
We are looking forward to your visit!