Archaeopark Vogelherd

Start a fire and learn to hunt: In the Archaeopark Vogelherd, visitors can become Stone Age people themselves and find out how our ancestors lived. Directly at the Vogelherd cave, which has been used by people for over 100,000 years, you will find an exhibition with the oldest figurative works of art mankind has to offer. It is not for nothing that the Vogelherd cave has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura’.

In addition to stone tools and utensils made of ivory or antler, real works of art also came to light during excavations. Two of these mammoth ivory works of art can be admired as original finds in our treasury. The function and the partly striking embellishments of the 40,000-year-old animal representations are still a mystery to scientists. During our exciting tours, visitors learn more about how these objects were used.

Our visitors can even lend a hand, especially in the outdoor area. Stone Age everyday life can be experienced at themed places throughout the park. From making fires to hunting techniques and Stone Age art, the interactive stations provide basic knowledge for surviving in the Stone Age. At the ‘Place of Encounter’ you will learn more about the origin of the human being and can face a Neanderthal eye to eye.

The really special thing about the Archaeopark Vogelherd is: The site of the Stone Age treasures is the park itself! The visitors can be exactly where our ancestors actually lived and perhaps put themselves a little better into it. On the ‘Herrmann-Mohn-Rundweg’, which is named after the discoverer of the Vogelherd cave, you will find answers to further questions about the ice age as well as suggestions for thought.

Experience the exciting everyday life of our ancestors from the Stone Age between mammoth hunting and campfire in the Archaeopark Vogelherd!