The Stone Age foyer

Exciting. Entertaining. Holistic.

The Info center

Designed in a semicircle and ‘hidden’ under a grass wall, the Archaeopark’s information center blends beautifully into the landscape. Only the entrance and the access to the park café offer an opening in this wall. The entire front to the yard is glazed and offers a clear view of the Vogelherd hill from any position.

Information rotundas

Two rotundas in the information center of the Archaeopark Vogelherd are devoted to texts and images on the one hand on the topic of ‘time’ and on the other hand on the topic of ‘place’. Let yourself be inspired by the wildlife and the climate of the ice age or the origin and migration of humans.

The treasury

Two original finds from the Vogelherd, the mammoth and the cave lion, are presented in the treasury of the Archaeopark. They are each centrally located in a showcase so that they can be viewed from all sides.

The exhibition area

A changing special exhibition takes place every year in the exhibition area of our information center. This year it is called ‘The Vogelherd – Wild Lonetal valley. Further information on the new exhibition: Special exhibition 2020

Architecture and scenography: Ritter Jockisch Architektur und Innenarchitektur, Munich.

Scenography and design: Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger, Bad Wörishofen.

Corporate design and exhibition graphics: Allmann Design, with Christine Bernard and Christine Schüll, Munich.

Short films in the exhibition

These two short films run daily in our exhibition area and show interesting insights into the Stone Age, among others, how the found wild horse figurine and our beautiful lonetal came into being.

Film: ‘The wild horse from the Vogelherd – from raw material to finished figure’

The production of the wild horse figurine requires not only patience but also skill. This film describes the different steps from the ivory blank to the finished figure.

Film: ‘The creation of the Lonetal valley’

The film shows the geological history of the Lonetal valley from the formation of the Swabian Jura in the Jura Sea 200 million years ago to the present day.