Theme places in the park

Relive the Stone Age!

On Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, on public tours and during the holiday season in Baden-Wuerttemberg, various events take place at our thematic areas in the Archaeopark Vogelherd.

The special thing about our park is that you can immerse yourself in the Stone Age and its adventurous life. Learn more about the techniques of the Stone Age people and learn how modern humans could survive the last ice age 40,000 years ago. Our certified archaeo-guides show explorers of all ages the way of life in the Stone Age from different perspectives.

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Place of the hunt

Hunting played an important role in the life of the Paleolithic hunters and collectors.

How do you kill a mammoth? What could you gain from an animal? What techniques did the Stone Age people develop to successfully hunt? How does a spear thrower work? At this place you can go hunting yourself, get to know different throwing techniques and try cutting bone with flint knives.

Camp of mammoth hunters

After a successful hunt, everyone came together in the camp.

How did you live in the Stone Age? What materials can you find in nature to build a cozy tent? Where do you settle? And what does Paleolithic housework look like? This place explains the lifestyle of a mobile society. Get to know the building materials, try woodworking with stone tools and build a tent out of wood and furs together.

Place of encounter

If you traveled across the country, you could meet other people, sometimes even other human species.

Where do we come from? Which paths did mankind take? Who could you meet on your travels? And what did these encounters look like? At this place, you can have a meeting with your kinship: face to face with a Neanderthal man. Work with his tools and learn about the relation to our closest relative.

Place of fire

The heat, the flickering, the crackling – for a million years, people gather around the fire and enjoy its benefits.

What does a Stone Age lighter look like? What techniques can be used to light a fire? What foods could you find in nature? And how could you prepare your food? Learn to light a fire at this place, watch the sparks dance in the cozy tent and try your hand at cooking in the cooking pit.

Place of art

What do religion, art, jewelry and music have in common?

Which art forms were represented in the Paleolithic? What is jewelry used for? What do Stone Age sounds even sound like? What colors did people use at the time? And what are mankind’s oldest works of art made of? This place lets you experience stone age art. Paint bison, horses and mammoths, make your own jewelry and let yourself be enchanted by the sound of whirling wood.