Birthday parties for kids!

Happy Birthday to you!

Do you want to celebrate a children’s birthday party in the Archaeopark Vogelherd?

We first explore the world of ice age hunters from the Lonetal valley on an adventurous path through the Archaeopark. Then you can choose from the themes of jewelry, artwork or hunting. After so much challenge and physical activity, a snack in our park café is planned.

There’s one thing that shouldn’t be missing, right?  
A birthday cake in the form of a mammoth *! You are welcome to book the cake additional to the snack for € 20.00.

* Information about the cake: Mammoth-shaped sponge cake, 1000 g, with chocolate icing and colorful decorations

Corona info:

In compliance with the known corona-related measures (mouth-nose protection, minimum distance, hygiene), children’s birthdays can be booked again from June 23, 2020 with registration and stating the addresses of all participants. Selectable topics are hunting and games. Disposable gloves must be worn during the hands-on activities. Meals can only be chosen á la carte. Menus and the birthday cake in mammoth form are not bookable. The maximum number of participants is 10 people (e.g. 8 children and 2 adults). The cost of the children’s birthday is € 50 plus € 5 entry per person.

To register for each visitor, please use the guest registration form – group participants, which you either bring with you during your visit or send it to us by e-mail.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us using our form or give us a call!