Ice Age and Art

The Lone Valley 40.000 years ago

The Aurignacian Culture

During the last Ice Age, the Lone Valley looked completely different than it does today. Where we now see forests and meadows, a cold steppe spread out. The bare rocks stood out clearly in the open landscape. The Lone River meandered there, leading the melting water from the plateau of the Jura to the Danube in spring. Nowadays the Lone mainly flows underground leading water only sporadically and conveying little of its former size.
This is where first anatomically modern humans arrived around 40,000 to about 32,000 years ago. They came from the southeast, following the river Danube. Their culture is called the Aurignacian and it is known from Europe and the Near East. It was named after the site of Aurignac in the department of Haute-Garonne at the foot of the French Pyrenees.